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About Arctic Circle Data Center (ACDC)

Arctic Circle Data Center (ACDC) and IntraCloud aim to deliver world-class Data Center and Cloud Services to the Nordic Market.

By integrating your own cloud services with your own data center, ACDC will be able to deliver a complete cost-effective range of services to drive our customers’ existing and future digitization processes.

We believe that the future is and becomes digital-in the way that a great many technologies will be based on data-either in terms of computing power, or in terms of that new data can be created and processed. This will require access to resources, digital resources, to drive the digital transformation and meet the needs of secure computing in an efficient and predictable manner.

ACDC has already developed and launched an independent, open-source public cloud service as well as its own infrastructure and is in process of acquiring funds to build its own full-scale data center.

Our Vision

Our next generation data and cloud services provide a complete digital services environment facilitating our customers’ development.

Our Mission

ACDC delivers world-class cloud and data center services to our customers with proven open source solutions for solid and secure on demand services.

Our Values

We put our customer’s needs first.  We will always seek to provide the best possible service at all times with a key focus on green, sustainable solutions that will guide data and cloud development for our customers first, defining global market development.


We want to be open, honest and transparent, we support and use open source code while we want to avoid lock-in through the use of open API’s, standards and familiar solutions. We emphasize good information and clear prices without any trued fees.


Our customers should be able to have the confidence that we deliver our services as we promise, we have understandable contracts and conditions that make clear demands on our deliveries. We use solutions that are proven and comply with current operating and delivery standards. We have and show confidence in our employees, customers and partners.


We want to find the best solutions together, either by working on teams in the company, or by working together with customers and partners to find safe and good solutions. We create solutions that can be easily integrated into other cloud services and digital solutions. Our support solutions should make it easy to provide feedback to us.


Acting professionally can mean so many things, with us it means that we have specialized knowledge of our solutions, we are trustworthy and do what we promise. We can’t promise that something never goes wrong, but we do what we can to reduce risk and will always focus on solving problems in the best way. We have integrity and will not recommend anything that is not good for you as a customer, we take responsibility for our actions and do not owe on others. We choose sustainable solutions and take corporate social responsibility.


We are flexible and agile in our method of work and behavior. New needs and new technologies enable us to continually work pro-actively and flexibly to deliver world-class services. This means that we have to dare to try new things while continually renewing our competence and range of services in order to be relevant.

You can find more information about how we work in ACDC here.


ACDC will offer services within two business areas:

  1. Data Center (Campus)
  2. Cloud Services (Arctic Cloud)


ACDC Campus will be a modular data center offering 24/7/365 Data-center services such as: Renting space for servers, cooling, access to power, fiber and other basic products. In addition, it will offer scalable Co-location and monitored server services (managed hosting).

In addition, the ACDC Campus will provide the necessary infrastructure to provide private, hybrid or public cloud solutions for our customers.

ALL Energy is based on green hydro power in line with the United Nations sustainability goals. Our infrastructure is especially energy efficient as we have very short-grain power and therefore minimal line in our electricity. We design all our solutions in terms of reuse and circular economics.

ACDC Cloud is planned to be completed in 2020/2021.


ACDC Cloud Services currently offers automated and self-service cloud solutions. This in the form of an open-almen cloud service offering virtual infrastructure (IaaS) and Platform Services (PaaS). These services include:

  • Virtual Machines/Computing power
  • Data cloud storage, both as an ordinary and separate archive (object) service
  • Network services; Including Virtual cloud network, DNS services and load balancing

The cloud service is powered by our own infrastructure that is redundant and offers high availability solutions. The design is based on Hyper Scale solutions from Open infrastructure project “Open Compute Project”. The solution has two accessibility zones and is optimized to support cloud services.

The software behind the cloud service is based on the open source project OpenStack -The world’s most used solution for private and public cloud. We have built our own portal and management solution on top of this.

OpenStack was originally developed by NASA and Rackspace and used by renowned companies such as VW, Nike, Walmart and many more. As this is open source, OpenStack is used by both academia and users who pose high standards of security such as the public sector and defense. Both the American and Norwegian armed forces use OpenStack.

OpenStack is a familiar solution based on open API and open source code, making it easy to integrate Arctic Cloud into other systems and solutions. As a customer you can then choose the best from several vendors and put together your own “Multicloud” solution.

Because Arctic Cloud is available through API’s, IT operations and infrastructure can be automated through DevOps tools such as “Infrastructure as Code” and the use of configuration tools such as Terraform, Ansible, Salt, Puppet etc. This enables modern IT operations, a dynamic development environment and a flexible project platform for IoT or other digital development projects.


ACDC Cloud Services has two delivery methods for its cloud solutions; A traditional centralised self-contained pervasive cloud solution and a distributed solution (Edge Cloud). ACDC is the first Nordic supplier of Edge Cloud, where we deliver modern cloud services close to the consumer/manufacturer to ensure high bandwidth and low response times for time-critical solutions.

Edge Cloud combines two ongoing trends in digitalisation-a trend toward greater levels of use of Universal Shooters that can be automated and a need to deliver/process data closer to consumer/producer rather than in large Central hyperscale datacenters.



Mo i Rana is located in Northern Norway, the region of Nordland, almost in the center of Norway and is the closest Norwegian town to the arctic circle.

Mo i Rana is one of Norway’s industrial centers with a 100+ years history of various industrial activity. In particular metal industry and mining have been central to this area. This has resulted in a strong energy- and physical infrastructure in this region.

Due to the industry need of production-control Mo i Rana was also on the forefront in computing. Mid 70’s we had three “supercomputers” in Norway, one with the military research center at Kjeller, one at the technical university of Trondheim (NTNU) and the third one here in Mo i Rana. The legacy is a strong technical know-how and availability of highly skilled IT staff among the many IT companies here.


As existing infrastructure can be utilized, the construction of a data center in proximity to Mo Industripark (Mo Industrial Park) offers substantial savings in start-up costs. The current power and water infrastructures were designed to support heavy industry and are largely N+2 redundant with no less than 5 hydroelectric power plants delivering power directly to MIP whom delivers directly to ACDC.

Mo Industrial Park is already zoned for heavy industry, which helps speed up the construction phase.

Rana is a data communication hub with 5 fiber feeds dispersed over four physical routes; North, South, East and West from Mo i Rana. Establishment of an Internet Exchange (IX) is planned.


Proximity to power production facilities and co-location with other big energy consumers results in lower electricity costs derived from reduced delivery charges, shared security measures and logistics, as well as energy tax savings.

Low energy cost and inexpensive cooling (average air temperature of -0.5⁰C /31⁰F) combined with other factors such as lower business taxes, high IT competency and lower wages in comparison with more metropolitan locations, result in reduced operating costs for a data center i Rana. This gives better prices for our customers.


The establishment of a data center in Rana is very eco-friendly as opposed to many other places: Disruptions of natural terrain associated with infrastructure are avoided, all of the power provided is renewable hydro-electric power, Our proximity to power plants minimizes energy loss during transmission, increasing energy efficiency.

Existing systems for utilizing waste heat from heavy industry can be employed to recover the energy from the heat production of a data center.

Nordland County has a surplus production of hydroelectric power and in situations where data processing / storing is relocated from less efficient locations, an energy efficient data center in Rana would aid in the reduction of overall energy consumption.

Your choice in digital vendors have an impact on the global energy consumption – thus your choice of a green cloud vendor matters.